What is XML?

XML is a sign language used to standardize. it is designed to standardize the communication of data between platforms and systems that use or shop data over the Internet. XML, translated into Turkish as “expandable marking language”, is pronounced as eXtensible Markum Language in English.  Although it is thought to be a Microsoft-based technology due to the recent release of net technology, XML technology has been introduced as the data communication standard designed by w3C (World Wide Web Consortium) are available.


Coding is the formation of a computer language used to create different applications and websites, especially computer software. Today, many platforms such as internet browsers, operating systems, applications in mobile phones and websites, which are used seamlessly in homes and workplaces, are carried out with the help of coding.

Günümüzde gelişmiş birçok ülkede anaokulu ve ilköğretim müfredatlarına kadar giren kodlama eğitimleri, geleceğin dünyasının kodlama ve yazılım üzerine inşa edileceğinin en önemli göstergesidir. Bu sebeple teknoloji ve bilişim çağına ayak uydurabilmenin temeli, kodlamanın nasıl ve hangi diller kullanılarak yapıldığı konusunda eğitim vermekten geçmektedir.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a meeting that allows a robot or computer connected to the computer system to act in a similar way to the actions of living things. Artificial intelligence, which was created by analyzing people’s thinking methods and developed more and more every day, went through a period that dates back to the Turing Machine, which was invented in the 1940s.

In other words, artificial intelligence, robots and computers can think like human beings. Thanks to the invention of artificial intelligence, many of the tasks undertaken by humans have been carried out by robots and computers. Even in the most complex- looking problems, these computers, which can continue to work like the human brain, provide the most effective solution to problems that require intelligence and intelligence.